About Us

Who We Are

 We have a dedicated team of designers, metal workers, welders, and artists that work together to provide the most memorable creations possible to enhance your garden. 

We found that while many people love having custom metal art in their yard, many have found it difficult to find high-quality products at a reasonable price in their local area. So we started our business and grew very quickly by attending tradeshows all over the country.

We now have two warehouses with full-time staff crafting the next generation of beautiful sculptures, garden picks, pot-holders, and much more.

We hope you enjoy using this site and would love to hear your feedback if there is anything that we can provide to give you a better experience. Feel free to contact us at contact@uniquegardenart.com or call the number at 717-850-8850 

Our Process

Our handmade yard art is crafted from high-quality American steel. We use a variety of sizes and styles of steel rods to be able to create almost anything a person can dream. 

The designers create the concept of each piece of art and then work together with the welders to bring the piece to life. They bend and MIG weld the piece until it reaches perfection.

After each item is crafted it is treated with a product called Penetrol to make sure that it stays protected. 

Made to Last 

The Penetrol coating provides a protective and rust inhibiting shield that keeps your beautiful custom piece of art safe while also giving it an attractive, shiny gloss sheen. 

This coating is meant to protect the metal from rusting, and will break down if exposed to weather outdoors. If left untreated outdoors than oxidation will occur and the piece will take on a natural patina that will blend nicely with any outdoor scene. Many people love this! 

For those looking to maintain the shiny, gloss style, we suggest that you treat the piece of art before placing it outside with a heavy coating of clear coat products such as Rustoleum or Polyurethane spray. 

Rest assured, whether treated or untreated, your piece will remain a valuable piece of your garden, yard or patio for many years. 

Come Visit Us!

We do our best to make appearances at a large variety of art shows around the country. This includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. Feel free to contact us directly to see a list of shows that we will be attending! contact@uniquegardenart.com